God in His Glory and Blessings has provided a way for us to expand to new space at a much better cost than we originally planned. These are some photos of the buildings that we are working to bring to the Church. They will fit our needs and will be a wonderful blessing when completed. Keep all of this in your prayers and at the same time give God great glory for providing for us in such a wonderful way to have more space for His work.

   The survey has been completed and we are awaiting the results. Once we become aware of the codes and regulations that we will need to adhere to we can begin the process of bringing these wonderful additions to the campus of Pleasant Springs. 

   Each say that passed brings us close to receiving God's gift of these buildings. We have a tentative layout on the grounds that the Building Committee will discuss at the next meeting on Sunday, April 15th. This will be more of a fine tuning as to where it is believed the buildings location will best serve God and His followers on this hill that is called Pleasant Springs. Stay in prayer that His Spirit will be the guide to all that we need.