Here is an outline, complete with verses and answers from the messages shared by our Pastor, Pat Helton. Each Sunday the congregation is given the Sermon Notes but the answers are blank. As each listens, they fill in the answers as Pat delivers the message. Perhaps you may be seeing this for the first time or maybe your're here for review to make sure you filled in all the blanks correctly. Either way, the answers are provided. 

   Each Sermon Note title will be just that, the title of the message but it will include the key scripture or scriptures by chapter and verse as well as the day the message was delivered. It will also have whether it was AM, the morning message, or PM, the evening message. 

   We will post the Sermon Notes here for a  time. They will then be replaced with the next week's messages. The previous Sermon Notes will be available as a PDF file download that you can print or share with some one. 

      Now that the all of this has been said, may you enjoy the Sermon Notes and your study of them with the help of the Holy Spirit who will help you study, understand, and apply what you learn. 

                        “The First Memorial Day” Exodus 12:1-12 5/27/18 AM
The Passover story is extremely familiar. A lamb was sacrificed for each household of Israelites
and its blood applied to the doorposts so the death angel would "pass over" their dwelling when
the firstborn of the Egyptians died. God instructed Moses to make the anniversary of this miracle
a Memorial Day. God wanted them to remember some things. Now that part of the story is familiar
to us. Why did God want them to remember this day?
 So future generations would know of His LOVE and POWER
 Our children and grandchildren should learn about God’s wonderful attributes
through HEARING about the great things God has done for us
 Deut. 6:1-2,7; Psalm 145:4
 Dry, indifferent teaching about God is a half-truth, at best; it SAYS that God is great
but TEACHES as if God is not great
 Psalm 78:1-8
 God intends that the OLDER generation will teach the NEWER generation to read
and think and trust and obey and rejoice
 So we could be reminded there is always a SOLUTION to our
 Even though Israel had a BIG problem - they had a BIGGER God!
 It is not the size of our PROBLEMS but the size of our GOD that matters most!
 His power is INEXHAUSTIBLE
 His plans are PERFECT
 Nothing has ever just OCCURRED to God
 His love for us is UNBELIEVABLE
 So the world would begin to understand God’s plan of REDEMPTION
 Passover illustrated the coming of CHRIST
 Jesus must be received personally for us to be SAVED from sin and death
 Only the ones with the BLOOD applied will escape the judgment

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