OCC is a continuing ministry that is done all year at Pleasant Springs. The need for all the items that will go into the shoe boxes does not come in all at once nor is it automatic. It takes the work of many, many people searching the papers and stores for items that will meet the need of OCC and can be bought in sufficient quantity to fulfill the needs at the packing party. Last year we packed and shipped 1044 shoe boxes. Each box contained 3 pencils. That number of pencils, 3, does not seem like much but take 1044 X 3. That is 3,132 pencils in all. That did not happen overnight nor by one person. As you can see, it takes a "village" to bring the reality of OCC to life each Christmas. 

   Continue to pray for OCC and ask God what He would have you do to bring a smile to a child's face and prayerfully, salvation to their heart and life.  

Pleasant Springs Baptist Church